Hello Fellow Patriots!

Welcome to our website! This blog post to introduce ourselves has been delayed a bit and we are sorry about that. My husband is the owner and veteran, our son and I are the operators ;) LOL, I am to blame for the majority of the "spicy" tumblers. I am a mom that uses profanity and then lets her son sell it at vendor shows, though he won't say the words ;)

Stan is a veteran of the U.S. Navy Seabees and works as a job superintendent in construction. I (Johnnie) am a retired rural postal carrier (disability retirement), I was hurt on the job. We have 3 children, (his, mine and ours) Peyton, 23 and graduating in December with a masters in education, Axel, 23 and working for a railroad company while living his best life. Bradley is our youngest, 11 years old, he attends a catholic private school in our home town of Taylor, TX. Bradley has high functioning autism and is probably the sweetest boy ever! He attends vendor shows with us and loves to talk to the customers and help them buy our products! During the summer he runs the laser while I create new items and sew the patches on our line of hats.....psst....hats will be added soon to the website!

We raised all our children to know the world owes them nothing and will more than likely try to take everything from you. Be respectful, work hard and life will be good to you.

Current events opinion: I will not leave this world till what they have destroyed and have taken from us has been taken back and fixed. Should have waited for the GenX people to be too old......I will not leave this world till what is wrong has been fixed. My children deserve better.

Y'all come out on October 23, 2021 to Elgin, TX for the Hogeye Festival. We will be there selling our fun, profane and patriotic products!


If You Want Peace, Prepare For War


I'll try to post regular blogs to keep everyone up to date on where we will be.