We've been censored - Show schedule - Let's Go Brandon

As most of you know, Georgetown Market Days has always been a big show for us with a large following, this was our 3rd year there. After the March show we were told that we needed to keep things a little more family friendly, which we were happy to do. After the April show we were told that we would no longer be getting a 10x20 booth space as there just wasn't enough room, we did ask other vendors if they were sent the same email, we were the only ones that we could find. This past Saturday around 10am the coordinator came buy and told us we had to remove all our Let's Go Brandon items and our "trigger" sign (we have a sign posted that says "If American Patriotism or bad words offend you, then this booth is not for you - God Bless America", apparently that is a "trigger"). After explaining that we would not be taking anything down and unless they allow us to bring in a truck and trailer we could not leave. We were allowed to finish out the day but we have been told we are no longer welcome. All is good, we have already found shows that we know we are welcome at and have been invited to, now that we do not owe any loyalty to Gtown. 


I have also been asked to advertise our website on Facebook, instagram and Google; we were deleted from FB & Instagram over 2 years ago without any explanation, so I refuse to give them any money. I have tried to advertise on google but got denied for "misinformation", whatever that means. We do craft shows to get our business out there and take our products to the people. Below you will find our schedule for the rest of 2022. As always you can also find me through our website ;)



18th - Holland Corn Fest

25th - Elgin Western Days

25th - Taylor Rodeo Association Bull Buckout


2-3rd - The Real Texas Gun Show, Bell County Expo

14-16th - Taylor Rodeo Association Rodeo


13-14th - The Real Texas Gun Show, Wilco Expo Center


Sept 30-Oct 2 - Come & Take It Festival, Gonzales, TX

22nd - Hogeye Festival, Elgin, TX

26-29th - Wilco Rodeo, Wilco Expo Center Taylor, TX


3-6th - Lone Star Rally, Galveston, TX